Animal Food Suplement (Formerly APB-DS™ ) – Enhances the digestive systems of animals

Animal Food Supplement (AFS) contains only naturally occurring microbes that are not genetically engineered. AFS is a probiotic consisting of a microbial consortium designed to restore or enhance harmony to the digestive system of animals. AFS contains no hormones and its use will help the animal derive more nutrients from the food it eats. Microbes contained in AFS help digest the food the animal eats making proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, and cellulose etc. more bio-available to their digestive systems. This results in more efficient absorption of these nutrients and vitamins, thus causing improved weight gain, increased immunity and overall improvement in the health and vigor of the animal. Certain types of internal parasites are often inhibited by the use of AFS.

The balance of microbes in the digestive system of animals is critical to maintaining their overall health and growth rate. Used Correctly, AFS will improve growth, weight and resistance to disease. Antibiotics are frequently used in commercial animal productions. The use of antibiotics will temporarily kill the AFS microbes but they and their benefits will return quickly once the antibiotic dosing is completed. Using our product in doses greater than what we recommend, see application rates below, will cause the probiotic microbes to actually consume enough of the animals food that the animal will not get the full benefit of its feed and will not gain weight as fast. No other ill effects will occur, but as stated above our goal is to restore and maintain health, increase nutrient uptake, and promote vigor as quickly as possible during the growth cycle. AFS should not be mixed with any pesticide, antibiotic, etc.

CHICKEN FARMS – Blend AFS into Drinking Water Two Times Daily

Quantity of AFS Number of Chickens Morning Dosage Afternoon Dosage
1 ml 100 0.5 ml 0.5 ml
2 ml 200 1 ml 1 ml
5 ml 500 2.5 ml 2.5 ml
10 ml 1000 5 m l 5 ml

HOG FARMS – Blend AFS into Drinking Water Weekly

Quantity of AFS Number of Hogs
20 ml 100
40 ml 200
100 ml 500
200 ml 1000

* Store AFS indoors where it is not subject to large or rapid temperature changes.

AFS is sold in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

ALSO WORKS ON FISH FOOD. When lightly misted on the fish food for a number of months, AFS produces a more vibrant and healthy fish. Enhances their color, aids their digestion and cuts down on their food intake and waste.

Please contact us for the MSDS sheet.

Item #
APB-ds Natural Dietary Supplement - 55 gallon (208 liter) drum - Call for p
C a l l
C a l l
APB-ds Natural Dietary Supplement for Animals - 5 gallon (18.92 liter) pail
$ 445.00