Strata Biogreen was formed in 1987 by Mr. Jeffrey Tober. The Company was moved from Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, CA in 1993. In 2007, Strata moved to the Austin,Texas area. The Company is owned by Mr. Jeffrey Tober and his two partners in Spain. Strata also has an office in Liege, Belgium & South Africa. The Sister Company of Strata is Bio Green Tech in Pamplona, Spain.

Initially, Strata worked exclusively in the water filtration industry. Then, in 1993, the Company also branched out into the bacterial/enzyme natural treatment field. In 2014, Strata finalized a joint venture with a company that produces all sizes of 24 Hour Waste Compost Machines. Exclusive with the CE Approval. These unique machines are becoming more popular every year. Strata has also established a Distributorship, with a Company that produces organic certified treatments, mainly for wastewater and agriculture.