Complete Digester 32-ounce

Complete Digester 32-ounce
Complete Digester 32-ounceComplete Digester 32-ounceComplete Digester 32-ounceComplete Digester 32-ounce

 All Purpose Cleaner is a "waterless" product that cleans on its own without the need to rinse with water. Very convenient for any kind of auto or mechanical work, where you constantly need to clean the grease from your hands, but don't want the hassle of constantly going to the sink.

This solution works on a multitude of surfaces and substances, and can literally replace almost every cleaning agent you own. It is an All Purpose Household Cleaner, Carpet, Upholstery and Fabric Spot Remover, Auto engines, grime, windows, interior and chrome cleaner and much more!

Before you read the story of our cleaner, here are some interesting facts on toxic cleaning products, under your sink, along with what constitutes a "truly" green cleaner:

Cleaning Products - The Deadly Truth

• 1 out of every 3 chemical cleaning products contains ingredients known to cause human health or environmental problems

• Commercial cleaning companies are under no legal obligation to research how their products might harm human health.

• The EPA ranks poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental risks to public health.
Interestingly, five out of 10 Americans are not aware of this fact.

• The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found the levels of air pollution inside the home can be two to five times higher (and sometimes even 100 times higher) than outdoor levels.

• An EPA study concluded that the toxic chemicals in household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air.

• A study comparing women who work ouside the home with women who work at home , found a 54% higher risk of developing cancer in women who work at home. The study concluded that this is a direct result of the chemicals in household products.

• On average, poison centers handle one poison call every 1.5 seconds

• 89% of all poison exposures occur in the home

• 92% of exposures involve only one poisonous substance

• 2,403,539 human exposures to poisons were reported in 2006

• 8.9% of the human exposures involved household cleaning substances

• 51% of the human exposures to poison in 2006 involved children under 6 years old

• Cleaning substances are the 3rd most common reason for exposure to poison in adults

• Household cleaning substances are the second most common reason for pediatric exposure to poison

• Unintentional ingestion of toxic household chemicals is associated with an annual average of 39 deaths to children under age 5, and an estimated 87,700 children treated in hospital emergency rooms. These poisoning incidents resulted in an estimated societal cost of almost $2.3 billion.5

• Americans generate over 38 million tons of hazardous waste per year

• Chemical manufacturing accounts for 21 million tons (55%) of the hazardous waste

• Cleaning Compounds and soap account for 30,948 tons annually

• Going green is one of the best ways to reduce hazardous waste and keep a clean, healthy home.

Why Green Cleaning?
Many common household and industrial cleaners contain chemicals that can have dangerous health effects. These chemicals can cause cancer, irritation of the eyes, skin and lungs, interfere with the normal functioning of organs, or even effect the reproductive system. Studies indicate that most Americans have common household cleaning chemicals in their blood and urine.1 The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has determined that more than 150 chemicals found in ordinary household products are directly responsible for producing cancer, allergies, birth defect, and numerous psychological disorders.

Green Cleaning and the Environment
Many cleaners contain toxic ingredients that are not adequately tested for their environmental impact. Chemicals in household products break down slowly in the ecosystem and can lead to harmful algea blooms and accumulation of toxins in the fatty tissues of fish and wildlife. Nationwide countless pounds of household and janitorial cleaning products are poured down the drain every day. From there, these products travel to a sewage treatment facility, and are treated. Unfortunately many of these chemicals are not entirely removed and find their way into drinking water, lakes & rivers. Sewage treatment plants concentrate waste into a solid called "sludge", which is then used on agricultural land, disposed of in landfills, or incinerated. When it rains, water penetrates the soil at landfill sites, picking up contaminants along the way, moving them deeper into the soil where they eventually contaminante the groundwater. This contaminated groundwater is, in some cases, your municipal water source.

Green Cleaning can:
• Help decrease air & water pollution
• Eliminate hazardous products from your home & office
• Enhance the health of your family, co-workers & our environment
• Keep packaging materials out of landfills
• Drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Help save a substantial amount of money, energy and natural resources
• Improve the indoor air quality in homes and businesses

Molecular Non-Self-Assembly and Nanochemistry

 All Purpose Cleaner is not a Soap, Detergent or Petroleum Solvent! It is a highly concentrated bio-based cleaner/degreaser that uses a revolutionary new cleaning technology that works at a molecular level. This extremely effective cleaning agent penetrates and breaks apart complex carbon molecules into harmless organic matter at a Nano level 25,000 times smaller than a human hair. It continues to safely break down and dissolve grease, oils, fats, proteins, sugars and all hydrocarbon soils (petroleum derivaties) and hard to clean organic matter - which comprise 99% of all cleaning challenges. The hydrocarbon is actually broken down and converted into a "nan- emulsion". The solution itself is non-toxic and can be flushed directly into the drain with zero (0) impact on the waterways, environment and eco-system.

This powerful cleaning solution contains sub-microscopic, electrically charged particles that when activated in water, repel each other in a ceaseless randon movement. These nano molecules in liquid measure only 2 to 4 nanometers in size and measure 50-100 times smaller than the particles created from typical cleaners and detergents. Their small size and extreme surface area to volume ratio enable the particles to act like billions of tiny sand blasters that penetrate and break apart complex carbon molecules converting them into emulsified organic matter.

 All Purpose Cleaner is made from all natural products and ingredients that are completely safe and non-toxic. This significant development in cleaning can now be offered as a 100% natural alternative to the typical cleaning products currently available. Unlike popular consumer and commercial cleaning products, which contnually expose us to a variety of toxic and dangerous chemicals, All Purpose Digester can be used without any concerns or caution as a cleanser for humans, animals and plants. It is especially safe for those with sensitive immune systems such as children and pets.

 All Purpose Digester has no adverse effects with respect to skin absorption, skin contact, swallowing, eye contact, skin irritation, repeated overexposure and inhalation in a confined or enclosed area.

Here are some examples of just some of the wide range of substrates it will clean:

Car interiors, vinyl, leather, fabric, upholstery, carpet stains, indelible ink, wine, coffee, auto oil, food, car grease, lipstick, makeup, ketchup, road tar, engine compartments, engine grime, oil stains, floors, tools, hands, glass, chrome, concrete, aluminum, clothing, rubber and painted surfaces, counters, stove tops, refrigerators, hard water stains on faucets, mirrors, soap scum, bathroom tile, tubs, shower doors, sinks. And More...

Simply spray and wipe clean. For harder to clean spots or stains,agitate with a scouring sponge or toothbrush. Repeat until clean. It is a waterless product that cleans hands without the need to rinse!

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