Bio Clean

Bio Clean

Concrete or Wheel Application Instructions:

Bio-Clean works best on hard surfaces if water is applied first to the stain. Then apply the Bio-Clean and scrub with a brush. Let the product sit for 15 minutes or so and then rinse. Keep the stain wet at all times. Repeat the steps if necessary the next day. Wet down the stain occasionally during the next few weeks. The product will work slower on extremely cold surfaces.

Bio-Clean works very well on tile buildings and floors. Important: After application, the floor may be slippery for several days.


Wet stain with water, thoroughly cover stain with Bio-Clean Spray. Allow Spray to soak into the stain. A second application is recommended.

Please contact us for the MSDS sheet. All of our products are non hazardous and non chemical.

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Bio Clean - 32 oz. (946 ml) spray bottle
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