Clay for Koi

Clay for Koi

Natural clay that improves water quality and aids in the removal of toxins in pond water.


The highest quality Koi in the world is raised in mud bottom clay ponds. The top Koi breeders in the world add fresh clay to their ponds to replace the minerals and trace elements needed to raise these beautiful fish. The leading Koi experts agree that the clay that contains the most essential minerals and trace elements is bentonite/montmorillonite clay.

CLAY FOR KOI is 100% Bentonite clay. It is naturally occurring calcium bentonite clay, obtained from one of the few existing bentonite mines in the world. It is purchased directly from the mine and is processed to a consistency required by Strata. Nothing is added. Except for the refinement process, the clay and minerals are as they were found in nature. It dissolves readily and is ideally suited for Koi ponds; especially those with the new micro bio-filtration units.

CLAY FOR KOI contains minerals in their natural colloidal form. These minerals are easily assimilated by Koi and goldfish and enhance the production of enzymes. This is done either by ingesting it naturally or by mixing it with their food.

CLAY FOR KOI aids with the digestion and the elimination of toxins from their bodies. The water is subjected to less waste production by your fish, improving water quality. CLAY FOR KOI also improves the water by aiding in the removal of toxins from the pond, thereby, benefiting your fish, plants and bacteria living in your bio-filters. CLAY FOR KOI attracts toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals and free radicals as a magnet does and absorbs them. This added weight sinks the clay to the bottom of the pond where it can easily be removed by your bottom drain or vacuumed manually.

You will notice the improvement of both the water quality and the skin of your Koi and goldfish within a few short weeks. The colors will be more vivid, whites brighter and their vigor and appetites will increase. If added to your garden, potting or aquatic soil, CLAY FOR KOI will add the necessary minerals usually lacking thus improving the plants’ vigor and its resistance to disease.


For the first two weeks add one tablespoon of CLAY FOR KOI for each 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters) every two days.

After two weeks, one tablespoon per 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters) once or twice a week is sufficient. The recommended procedure is to dissolve CLAY FOR KOI in a bucket of pond water and distribute it evenly around the pond.

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Clay for Koi - 2 lb box
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