Food Grease Digester (Formerly FC-1) is an industrial strength floor cleaner that contains live liquid microbes, enzymes and a biodegradable soap. Food Grease Digeseter (FGD) will eliminate grease build-up on floor tiles and grout, in floor drains, in sewer lines, in grease traps and in lift stations at restaurants and food processing facilities. The microbes in FGD are all naturall occurring and are classified as Bio Safety Level One by the CDC. These harmless microbes produce enzymes that break down the grease into simple compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.

FGD controls odor by digesting grease and organic solids in the waste in such a manner that does not produce noxious odor such as hydrogen sulfide. This odor reduction occurs quickly and results in improved working conditions for employees and a more pleasant environment for customers and surrounding neighbors.

FGD will reduce BOD, COD and TSS in the effluent from grease traps. Lowering these components can reduce municipal waste surcharges and the frequency of grease trap pump outs (Local municipal codes may require periodic pump-outs of grease traps).

FGD will eliminate slippery floors, thus lowering owner liability and improving working conditions for employees.

FGD will eliminate grease accumulations in the sewer lines that result in reduced flow and back-ups.

FGD is very concentrated and has a high dilution rate.

FGD Instructions For Use

1. Stir or shake FGD well prior to usage.

2. Mix 8 oz of FGD with warm water in a standard mop bucket.

3. Mop floor as usual.

4. Allow floor to air dry and then rinse in the normal manner.

5. Discard mop water dowm problem floor drains.

6. After approximately two weeks, the amount of FGD can be reduced to 4 oz.

Avoid pouring bleach, acid or high pH soaps in the floor drains connected to the grease trap.





Item #
FC-1 Floor Cleaner & Grease Trap Treatment - 55 Gallon (208 liter) drum - C
C a l l
C a l l
FC-1 - Gallon Bottle - Floor Cleaner and Drain Treatment
$ 109.00
FC1 Floor Cleaner & Grease Trap Treatment - 5 gallon 18.92 liter pail
$ 395.00