PARAFFIN DIGESTER ( Formerly PARAGONE) is our bio-chemical product used in the oil and gas industry.

PARAFFIN DIGESTER solubilizes paraffin and asphaltenes in formations, well bores, pumps, flow lines, heater machines and storage tanks. It reduces or eliminates emulsion, BS&W, corrosion, scale, hydrogen sulfide and oil carry over.

PARAFFIN DIGESTER releases drilling fluid, frac gels, polymers and soap from the formation. It increases API gravity, oil production, gas production and water injection rates.

PARAFFIN DIGESTER decreases viscosity, injection pressure, LOE and downtime. It eliminates hot oiling, chemical use, hazardous waste and scraping.

PARAFFIN DIGESTER treatments can save operators up to 500% per year versus the cost of chemical treatments.

PARAFFIN DIGESTER greatly reduces the Cloud and Pour points!

LFS-1PETROLEUM/OIL DIGESTER (Formerly LFS-1) is a blend of live liquid microbes used to remediate hydrocarbon contamination from oil and gas operations.

PETROLEUM/OIL DIGESTER will remediate soil and water contamination associated with pipeline spills, oil film and sludge; environmental problems associated with evaporation and settling ponds; contaminated drill cuttings associated with oil based mud systems; soil and water contamination associated with secondary containment.

Petroleum/Oil Cleaner (Formerly Micro-Clean) is a concentrated blend of live liquid microbes and a citrus biodegradable surfactant that cleans, degreases and bioremediates hydrocarbon contamination associated with well heads and the associated soil and ballast, fire walls, compressor stations, leaking valves, tanks, etc. Also works on hard surfaces such as concrete, streets, engines and buildings. Should be used in a high pressure sprayer for the removal of chewing gum as well as older oil stains.

Petroleum/Oil Cleaner is also sold in the retail 32 oz (1 liter) spray bottle version for homeowners. It is called Bio Clean. All a person must do is add water and the product is ready to work.

Petroleum/Oil Digester is sold in 25 & 50 lb pails. Paraffin Digester is sold in 50 lb pails.  Petroleum/Oil Cleaner is sold in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.


Oil and Gas Treatments

Strata has oil and gas treatments for engines, hard surfaces, parts washwers, cooling tanks, soil, sludge, wells, tanks and lines. Plus parrafin reduction