Organic Digester TOO

Organic Digester TOO

Organic Digester Too cleans ponds by breaking down organic materials that create unsightly problems in and around waterfalls, rocks, plant pots, pumps, sides, bottoms and filtration systems. This product is a problem solver. Once the problem has been resolved, it is best to continually use our regular Organic Digester powder or liquid to maintain a good bacterial balance within the pond.

Organic Digester Too is a natural, bacterial product and has been laboratory and field tested in ponds that range from 500 gallons to over 500,000 gallons. In these ponds Organic Digester Too was found to reduce excessive nutrient content that contributes to organic growth and enhanced existing filtration systems.

The six specific enzymes contained in this product will perform the initial work to begin the breakdown of the waste. The enzymes will act as a “saliva” to breakdown the bulk of the waste so the bacteria can perform thier function more easily and efficiently. Once the wastes have been consumed the only bi-products that are excreted by the bacteria are harmless carbon dioxide and water. There are billions of bacteria colonies per gram that work with the enzymes. Helps to clarity the water also!

Prior to using Organic Digester Too, these conditions must exist: pH of water maintained between 6.5 & 9.0. Water temperature above 60 F (15 C). Dissolved Oxygen levels above 3 ppm (3 mg/l).

Standard Application Rate:

(Treat ponds 2-3 times the first week at suggested rates, then 10-14 days thereafter until problem has been resolved. For more severe problems use a double application.)

Application Directions: Apply Organic Digester Too over the surface area (it should touch the problem where ever possible) or around the perimeter of the pond in DRY form (not mixed with pond water). Be careful not to let the product dust plant coverage. Immediately after application the pond may become cloudy. This is a normal process and should clear within 24-48 hours. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for pond to balance. If you have a problem in the water itself, mix the Organic Digester Too into a paste (with a small amount of pond water) and let it drop on top of where the growth is.

1 spoon (13 grams) treats 275 gallons (1040 liters)

7 spoons treats1875 gallons (7097 liters)

Available in:

Shelf life is three years. Call or email us and we will send you the MSDS sheet!

Item #
Organic Digester Too - 8 oz (226 gram) Pouch
$ 26.00
Organic Digester Too 32 oz (907) gram jar
$ 65.95
Organic Digester Too - 25 lb (11.34 kg) powder pail
$ 650.00