Simple Soil Solution

Simple Soil Solution

Simple Soil Soltion has the following benefits:

Extremely inexpensive to use.

1 gal/3 kg treats 16 acres/5 hectares.

1 cup/195 g trets 10 acres/4 hectares.

2 Ts/30 g treats 90 plants.

Supports plant health by increasing the availability and uptake of nutrients.

Solubilizes minerals and fixes nitrogen.

Enhances plant root growth by creating miles of fugai filaments.

Dramatically less water needed due to increased organic matter.

Highly effective and economical green alternative to caustic or toxic compounds with no need for special handling.


Item #
Simple Soil Solution 8 Ounce Pouch
$ 126.00
Simple Soil Solution 16 Ounce Pouch
$ 247.00