Toilet Odor Digester


Toilet Odor Digester is a mixture of complementary microbes that work synergistically to metabolize urine and organic acids that cause odor in feline litter boxes. The product will also eliminate odors caused by feline urination on carpets, floors and fabric. It is supplied in a liquid form and is delivered via an ordinary spray bottle. Dosage rates vary according to the amount of contaminant present (urine and feces), and the length of time between litter changes. Based on multiple trials, the average treatment for a litter box is 1 to 2 applications per week. An application would involve spraying the entire surface of the litter box including the exposed inside walls. Soiled carpets, floors and fabrics require only one application. Items can be washed with conventional soaps after an application of Toilet Odor Digester.

Microbial Mechanism

The microbes used in Toilet Odor Digester are naturally occurring and non-pathogenic; therefore they pose no health risk to humans, animals, plants or the environment.

The microbes in Toilet Odor Digester begin the degradation process by producing urea, which converts urea to ammonia. The ammonia is then degraded to nitrite. The nitrite is converted to nitrate and then the nitrate back to nitrite. Additional microbes act as support to the degrading microbes by metabolizing their waste products and metabolizing butyric acid that also contributes to the foul odor associated with feline waste.

Testimonial for Green EnvyBuffering Effect

Control of the pH level is essential to the survival of the microbes. Nitrate accumulation on the litter will combine with H2O to form a weak nitric acid that may cause the pH of the system to drop. Therefore it is essential that the microbes in Toilet Odor Digester convert the nitrate back to nitrite. The back and forth conversion of nitrite to nitrate and nitrate back to nitrite not only acts as a buffering mechanism but also eliminates the two substances due to the fact that every time the reaction occurs there is less and less of the two substances present.

Also works on human urine and waste in such environments as public restrooms.

Toilet Odor Digester is sold in 8 oz spray bottles, 32 oz, 5 gallons and 55 gallon drums.

Please contact us for the MSDS sheet.

Item #
Green Envy - 55 gallon (208 liter) drum - Call for Pricing
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Green Envy - 8 oz (236 ml) spray bottle
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Green Envy 5 gallon 1892 liter pail
$ 325.00
Green Envy - 32 oz (946 ml) Refill Bottle
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