Compost Treatment

Waste Compost Digester is a special anaerobic microbial/enzyme reproductive formula, that when applied within the layers of compost piles, will quickly act to reduce the organic material as well as remove any odor. Successfully tested in Belgium on animal waste, grass clippings as well as plant residue. Adds large populations of bacteria to what is already there naturally. Our microbes considerably accelerate the composting process.

All organic matter eventually decomposes. Composting speeds the process by providing an ideal environment for bacteria and other decomposing microorganisms. The final product, humus or compost, looks and feels like fertile garden soil. This dark, crumbly, earthy-smelling stuff works wonders on all kinds of soil and provides vital nutrients to help plants grow and look better.

Decomposing organisms consist of bacteria, fungi, and larger organisms such as worms, sow bugs, nematodes, and numerous others. Decomposing organisms need four key elements to thrive: nitrogen, carbon, moisture, and oxygen. For best results, mix materials high in nitrogen (such as clover, fresh grass clippings, and livestock manure) and those high in carbon (such as dried leaves and twigs). If there is not a good supply of nitrogen-rich material, a handful of general lawn fertilizer will help the nitrogen-carbon ratio. Moisture is provided by rain, but you may need to water or cover the pile to keep it damp. Be careful not to saturate the pile. Turning or mixing the pile provides oxygen. Frequent turning yields faster decomposition.

Our natural, organic, Waste Compost Digester is sold in gallon bottles, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums! Application will vary depending on the material, size, etc.

Waste Compost Digester is composed of microbes that are actually a cocktail combination of the LWT-1 and the Waste Digester. All of our products are non chemical and non hazardous.

Please contact us for the MSDS sheet. - To order click on this link!

Item #
Waste Compost Digester - Gallon Bottle (3.78 liters)
$ 89.00
Waste Compost Digester 5 gallon 18.92 liter pail
$ 445.00